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OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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    • Campus Life

    • Your college experience should be just that: an experience. There is more to college than just attending classes. We want your time at Hudson County Community College (HCCC) to contribute to your social, cultural and intellectual growth as well as your academic growth so that when you graduate, you are a well-rounded individual prepared to embrace all the world has to offer.

      Your experiences as a new student begins with New Student Orientation, an online, self-paced program that provides new students with information and tools to reach their academic and collegiate goals.

      Through offices and opportunities such as Career Services, Student Life and Leadership, Cultural Affairs, and more, you will have the chance to participate in hundreds of social, cultural, educational, and career focused on-campus and off-campus events, trainings, and experiences.

      Our Student Government Association and Clubs and Organizations are student-led, providing real-life leadership development skills and involvement in the student life experience for students. As you advance in your academic career, your achievements may afford the opportunity to join an Honor Society, opening further opportunities for scholarship and networking. There are also various Student Publications, where student’s writing will be highlighted.

      Hudson County Community College also aims to support you academically with free Tutoring and academic assistance. The Abegail Douglas-Johnson (ADJ) Academic Support Services Centers (ASSC), which won the 2019 Recipient of the National College Learning Center Association Frank L. Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award for Two-Year Institutions, prepares students with the tools for their academic success.

      Visit the HCCC Bookstore to be connected to textbook and supplies that you will need during your academic year.

      Our holistic student supports help our students reach their ultimate success at HCCC services that include . The Office of Accessibility Services provides access to educational opportunities for students with documented needs. Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Services aims to foster the psychological health and well-being of students. Hudson Helps seeks to provide a thorough list of services, programs, and resources that address many basic needs of our HCCC community members beyond the classroom.

      Always remember that we are here for you! You can see your rights and expectations as a student in the Student Handbook and refer to the Sexual Misconduct Guide to know your rights.